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Taxation, Economy, Law.

Helping you understand those complicated terms,
Advice for your current and future situation,
Helping you to achieve your rights.

Economic and legal conditions are constantly and rapidly changing. So it’s our aim to help clients with their personal and business needs and steer them along a practical and legal path. By this, we mean that some things may look very attractive and lucrative at first sight, but often are not the best solutions. We take a personal look at your situation and use our knowledge of the taxation, business and legal fields to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Individual, clear, and putting you first.

Welcome to our law firm.

Tax consultant
Specialized Taxation Lawyer

born 1972 in Treuenbrietzen, near Berlin

Trained as a taxation specialist in Lübeck

Studied Law at Rostock University and Dresden University (TU)

Tax consultant since 2007
Lawyer since 2002
Specialized Taxation Lawyer since 2009

Business Administration Degree (BA)

born 1974 in Rostock

Studied Law at Rostock University and Coventry University, England

Studied Business Management Taxes and Auditing at The University for Economy and Law, Berlin

MA in Taxation at Osnabrück University

Lawyer since 2008
L.L.M. Taxation since 2007
BA - Business Administration Degree since 2006

Fields of activity

  • Producing balance sheets and annual balance sheets
  • Tax returns
  • Accounting - financial and wages
  • Management consultancy – management advice
  • Business promotion-business start-ups
  • Business mergers, transformations and liquidation
  • Social insurance law
  • Labour and Social law
  • Business auditing
  • Representation at court and/or tax authorities
  • Penal tax law
  • Pursuing of claims

Fields of business

  • Advertising and Media
  • Medical workers and the Health Industry
  • IT
  • Film, Art and Entertainment
  • Leasing and administrative work
  • Real estate
  • Craft and trade
  • Investment and trust management
  • Publishing 

Steuerrechtskanzlei Schmidt

Choriner Strasse 63
Front building, left side
D - 10435 Berlin

Telephone 0049 30 484 78 288
Fax 0049 30 497 68 207

Steuerrechtskanzlei Schmidt

Irmela Heike Schmidt
Tax Consultant and Lawyer
Choriner Str. 63 - 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)
Telefon 0049 30 484 78 288, Fax 0049 30 497 68 207

Sole proprietor liable for the law office is Tax Consultant and Lawyer Irmela Schmidt.

USt.-Id: DE227107968

Job title / Authorisation

The Tax Consultant and Lawyers of the firm are authorised by the Federal Republic of Germany. The Tax Consultant is a member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants Berlin www.stbk-berlin.de. The Lawyers are members of the Berlin Chamber of Lawyers www.rak-berlin.de.

Professional Regulations

The following professional regulations are adhered to:

Tax Consultant

  • Tax Consultancy Act StBerG
  • The regulations of the Tax Consultancy Act DVStB
  • Professional Code of Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants BOStB
  • Tax Consultants’ salary regulations StBVV
  • Consultant Order FBO

The regulations in full can be found on the website of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants www.bstbk.de


  • Federal Lawyers Act BRAO
  • Code of Conduct for Lawyers BORA
  • Code of Conduct for Specialist Lawyers FAO
  • Lawyers’ salary regulations RVG
  • Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Community CCBE The regulations in full can be found on the website of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers www.brak.de

Data Protection Statement

Here you can read our Data Protection Statement.


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